The Cups of Consciousness
Will Energize And Soothe You
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What if you could find serenity
 no matter How much chaos 
is in the world?
Be The Calm 
In Center Of The Storm
Each of the daily Cups of Consciousness meditations and sessions focuses on the following:

    Restoring Your Energetic Balance
    Feeling Supported and Calm
    Slowing Your Aging Process

    Improving Your Health
    Connecting with your Guides

    Increasing Your Energetic Awareness   

    Connecting Deeply with your Essence

    Decreasing Your Reactivity

    Increasing Your Inner Peace

    Manifesting Your Intentions

    And Much More...

Aleya Dao

Aleya Dao has been an alternative healer for 30 years, She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncturist, sound healer, author, and spiritual teacher.

Her daily Cups of Consciousness and Tall Cups of Consciousness have been online since 2009.

She has over 2,000 recorded meditations available online, and 9 sound healing albums.

It's more than just meditation - it's transformation

Feel peace, support and calm. 

Shift your energetic fields & transform your consciousness and life.  

Consciousness healing audio meditations delivered 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to your e-mail and via the Cups of Consciousness APP.

PLUS a 1 hour live and recorded TALL Cups of Consciousness video/audio energy balancing session every 3 weeks.
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